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What MailSpons offers...

...for developers,

Visual confirmation: inspect emails sent from your local development environment before pushing to master. No need to dig through log files.

Peace of mind: one bad line of code is all it takes to accidentally spam your customers. Don't let it happen! Use our fake SMTP server.

Confidence: does your application survive unexpected SMTP errors and timeouts? Find out with our Chaos Mode.

What MailSpons enables...

...for testers,

Automation: e2e testing really should be *end* to *end*. This includes the emails. Read sent messages with our API.

Unlimited email addresses: generate descriptive yet disposable addresses for a quick test on the QA or staging environment.

No clutter: keep your own inbox clean from dozens of test mails. Your real mailbox should be for real emails.

What MailSpons brings...

...for product owners,

Rapid feedback: hand out a shareable link to the team's latest creation and find out if the stakeholders are just as excited as you are.

Discreet demo's: are you in a presentation showing off a feature that includes emails? Don't send them to your own inbox with dozens of confidential conversations. Spin up a brand new clean inbox in 5 seconds.

What MailSpons delivers...

...for the entire team!

Uniformity: collaborate with your team members and share mailboxes with your coworkers while developing.

Structure: keep things organized by creating an inbox per project, client, server and/or environment.

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