a sponge
for email

fake SMTP server
for safe
email testing

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A safe harbor for development teams.

View emails sent from your development, QA and staging environments.
No need to dig through log files.

Everyone on your team can join in and see what's happening.

Invite team members!

Stop accidentally spamming your customers!

One bad line of code... One wrong click...
One slip-up is all it takes to start a flood of
angry phone calls. Don't let it happen!

MailSpons' SMTP server will absorb anything you send. Don't sweat it.

Start relaxing!

Nice & tidy

Keep your own inbox clean from dozens of test mails.
Your real mailbox should be for real emails.

No, no, there's no limit.*

Invite as many team members into
your team as you see fit.

Want to have a dedicated inbox for every
client, server, environment and pet you have? Go nuts!

Send as much emails as you'd like. There's no throttling on our side.

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* MailSpons is offered free of charge. To keep our disk usage under control, we only keep the 50 most recent messages per inbox.