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Visual confirmation

Inspect emails sent from your local development environment before pushing to master. No need to dig through log files.


E2E testing really should be *end* to *end*. This includes email. Programmatically read sent messages with our API.


Does your application survive unexpected SMTP errors and timeouts? Find out with our Chaos Mode.

Peace of mind

One bad line of code is all it takes to accidentally spam your customers. Don't let it happen! Use our fake SMTP server.

Clutter-free workspace

Keep your own inbox clean from countless test mails. Your real mailbox should be for real emails.


Keep things organized by creating an inbox per project, client, server and/or environment. Collaborate with your team members and share mailboxes with your coworkers while developing.

Discreet demos

Are you in a presentation showing off a feature that includes emails? Don't send them to your own inbox with dozens of confidential conversations. Spin up a brand new clean inbox in 5 seconds.

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